Website development, price and terms

Main stages Our advantages Prices and terms of websites development

The main stages we have ahead of us:

  • Task assignment and working out the concept of the future website
  • Calculation of the price of work
  • Execution of the Contract and drawing up of the Terms of Reference
  • Website design development
  • Slicing (layout development)
  • Programming, installation or development of additional modules
  • Website functional check
  • SEO optimization, if required
  • Project launch
  • Relocation to hosting

Advantages of the website development by our company

The main advantages we offer to our customers:

  • Extensive experience. We have been developing, promoting and maintaining websites since 2006.
  • Convenient working scheme.
  • Warranted quality of work.
  • We administer and serve our customers at every stage of website operation.
  • Constant backup and storage of all the project data, including backup copies of the website.
  • Free consultations concerning whatever issues we can help with.
  • Rendering of additional services on domains relocation, migration of the websites to another hosting, mail setting, etc. .
  • Free months technical support for 3 months.

Website development

What types of websites SITEPARK web studio can develop for you?

Our company may offer you the development of a website to fit every taste, but for the sake of convenience, we highlighted the main groups according to the web resources functionality:

  • Business card websites
  • Landing page
  • Corporate and business websites
  • Web catalogues
  • Online stores
  • Web portals
  • Promo websites
  • SEO websites

Price and term of website development

Price and term are two aspects that are of primary interest for any customer. Below is the summary table, which we developed to make these two parameters clear for you.

Business card website 1-2 weeks from 200
Landing page 2 weeks from 400
Web catalogue 2-4 weeks from 500
Business website 2-4 weeks from 500
Online store (OpenCart) 1-3 months from 800
Promo website 2-6 months from 800
Web portal 2-6 months from 800

Please fill in the contact form for more precise calculation. We will to contact you as soon as possible and discuss all the details of your future project.

Let’s make your project most successful!

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