The right way to create your website

Lately, a lot of companies started getting their websites, and here comes the logical question: “what is the right way to create a website?” SITEPARK specialists decided to help you in understanding of this matter, and made the selection of interesting and important matters in the process of the correct website creation.

What should you know before the website creation?

There are a lot of ways to create the website nowadays. There is plenty of online website builders, freelancers and web studios. Here everything depends on the scale of the website, goals and diversity of the functionality. In any case, initially you have to decide on the following to create a good website:

  1. What tasks and goals of the website are. Understanding of this will allow you to select the perfect type of the website and make your expectations come true.
  2. Always prepare the terms of reference. A lot of specialists neglect the terms of reference taking it as a waste of time. This is a common misconception. Along with the fact that this document forms the initial conception, what the website is supposed to be as a result, it also decreases project development time and resources.
  3. This is a very important matter, as far as it is necessary to figure out the design, which will correspond the company`s activity, corporate culture and other relevant peculiarities of the enterprise.
  4. Website structure. Any website should be convenient and clear for the users. And who could be better than you are in setting the priorities of the menu items with regard to the company activity?
  5. Wide functionality is very convenient for the users, and usually such websites are valued more. But sometimes an excessive functionality is inappropriate. For instance, the web catalogue does not need “Add to Cart” option, as far as it is intended for the advertising of the goods, but not selling them online.
  6. Design is the face of the website and because of design the visitor initially makes decision either to review it, or keep on searching. The same story with the content: if the content is of poor quality, the visitor will not stay for long on your website.
  7. Hosting and domain. No need for long explanations here. This is very important matter to think about in advance.
  8. Support and promotion. Any website requires constant administration. If support and promotion are not performed, the website will not stay for long in top positions of the search engines and will be in trouble with regard to functionality.

After the preparatory work is finished the development stage starts

  1. It is very important part of the project. Everything you figured out earlier and designed on the paper or in the editor, should be transmitted into code.
  2. Particular care shall be taken on the menu and navigation, as far as the visitor should use the website without excessive effort.
  3. Website content and optimization. Remember to never fill the website with the content of poor quality. It should be absolutely interesting and SEO-optimized. If optimization is not performed, no one will ever find the website, even if it is the most interesting one in the whole world. Consider the website without optimization as the bottle with the note thrown into the ocean.
  4. Compatibility with mobile devices. A lot of users nowadays are using different mobile devices such as tablets, phones, so this clause cannot be ignored.
  5. Compatibility with all the popular browsers. In order to avoid situation of incompatibility of the website work in several browsers, pay attention to this matter on the stage of designing and developing of the terms of reference. Usually the websites are built with regard to the most popular browsers, and you personally might need the wider list of compatibility.
  6. It is better to have a tough check of everything before showing it to the world. Hold the internal or beta-testing, because it is better to find the issue on this stage rather than let it go public. This will not add any trustworthiness to your website.
  7. Final launch. It is performed only in case the website fully fulfils the full scope of the required functions or without taking into account the unclaimed functions.

Which development method to choose?

As SITEPARK web studio experience showed, a lot of people, who created website by themselves by means of different templates and online-builders, sooner or later turn to the professional web-studios on different reasons. This tendency is rather clear, because the creation of the high-quality website is a very complicated work, requiring the participation of 4-5 employees with specific skills and knowledge.

Contact us if you are interested in quick and high-quality development of the website of any type. Our specialists will be glad to give you a piece of advice and provide services.