Unique web design is the tool to attract the targeted audience.

Design is the first what the visitor sees and it is half the battle. Web design is quite complicated and creative work, which should result only in the visitor`s admiration! Website design is the first criterion that helps the customer to make the first impression about the company, its level, to compare it to other websites. High quality and exclusive website design often makes the customers feel respected and valuable, which is very important when working with the potential customers.

Key stages of website design creation

Basically, it is necessary to decide on the website style and purpose. The selected website design should comply with the spirit of the project. As far as the process is creative and web design should be original, it is important to coordinate the main design aspects with the customer.

Website design development

Before the web design creation starts, it is necessary to decide on the following:

  • Topic of the website;
  • Colour scheme of the website;
  • Content;
  • Screen resolution.

Main tasks of the attractive website design

Regardless of the cost, functionality, number of elements, art style and other peculiarities of the resource, it should execute the following tasks:

  • Business card. Delivery of the most up-to-date and high-quality information about the project by means of the attractive web design.
  • Generate positive mood. It is necessary to provide large volumes of information in attractive and unobtrusive form. The prospective customer should leave your website with the intent to make an order.
  • Understanding from the first sight. Web design is not only about being attractive and convenient; it should also be absolutely clear for the customer.

Frequently asked question about website design:

1. Cost of the website design.

The cost varies depending on the work complexity, uniqueness, number of pages, availability of the terms of reference and implementation of the innovative capabilities.

2. What is better: unique or template design?

Definitely it is worth ordering the unique design. Specialists of the SITEPARK web studio believe that the template design is an unjustified waste of money.

3. What are the warranties?

Our company has an extensive experience in web design, the fulfilled projects and testimonials of our customers confirm absolutely quality-driven approach to the tasks. Additionally, you can study our portfolio.

Other design services we provide:

  • Website redesign
  • Logo development
  • Corporate style development

Why choose SITEPARK for the creation of your website design?

Our team of professionals is confident that attractive and unique website design is the key to success in attraction of the target audience. We will develop a vision of the final design product even before the start of work on it, taking into account all the wishes and requirements.

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