Development of an online store in laravel

Laravel is one of the most popular php frameworks. It is also one of the most convenient to use for websites and online stores.

Интернет магазин на Laravel логотип

Laravel allows to create a website of virtually any level of complexity using structured code and a logical architecture system. Nowadays Laravel has evolved into a quite popular development platform and it continues to grow, despite the fact that it has been around for not so long.

It was in 2011 that the first Laravel project was created. Since that time, it has taken a confident stand in the field of Internet development and now occupies a fairly large ecosystem along with other frameworks.

Laravel development can serve numerous purposes:

  • High-load applications (for example, a video service).
  • Social networks.
  • Online stores with heavy traffic.
  • Development of corporate resources.
  • Designing startups.
  • API for applications and services.

The advantages of a Laravel Project:

  • Development speed. The project can be deployed much faster than when using other competitive platforms. You can get more with less (say, what takes 30 lines of code in Sympfony, takes 10 lines in Laravel).
  • Popularity. Laravel enjoys large support and has a large community, due to which - it is often updated and is tested faster; it has many third-party packages, more of which apprear every day; security issues are resolved faster.
  • Productivity. Laravel is very fast when done right. It is due to the use of progressive caching (optional).
  • Modularization and add-ons. A Laravel project is relatively easy to enhance. Different add-ons can be installed if needed.
  • Using the new Blade template engine. It has a syntax that is easy to use and understand and provides all the necessary tools for any solution.
  • Laravel database supports the most popular databases, and uses Eloquent ORM (implementing the Active Record pattern to work with a database).
  • Routing. It has a flexible and understandable route system that meets all the needs that may arise.

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