Online store development

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If you have decided to create a modern and reliable online store, our web studio offers you web development on the very popular platform — OpenCart. Online store development on OpenCart will facilitate work greatly and save a lot of time and effort.

Online store development

Options for Online Store Development on OpenCart

The table presented below shows the key basic features of an online store, and approximate prices for their development. For a specific project, the cost of works may vary.

Online Store Development Package
from 800 USD from1,500 USD from 2,500 USD
Deadline (approximate) from 20 days from 50 days from 70 days
Design development Template Unique Unique +
Hosting  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Domain  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Mailbox  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Google Analytics Statistics  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Yandex Metrikа Statistics  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
CMS OpenCart  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
User training  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Slider  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Product catalogue  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Product card  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Shopping cart  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Product order form  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Bread crumbs  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Blog (News/Articles)  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Feedback form  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Google maps  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
CNC  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Social media likes  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Product discounts  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Facebook plugin  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Find us on social media  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Registration/Login  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
My account  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Search  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Ajax search    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Filter    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Quick order by phone    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Sort products    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Product markers    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
“Related products” or “Similar products” Module    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Import of products from a file (xls, xml, csv)    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Online consultant    зеленая галочка  зеленая галочка
Registration/Login via social media      зеленая галочка
Cumulative discount      зеленая галочка
Discount via promo code      зеленая галочка
Product of the day      зеленая галочка
Subscribe to email newsletter      зеленая галочка
Disqus comments      зеленая галочка
“Recently viewed products” Module      зеленая галочка
“Featured products” Module      зеленая галочка
“New arrivals” Module      зеленая галочка
“Bestsellers” Module      зеленая галочка
Export of products to Excel (xls)      зеленая галочка
Связь с 1С      зеленая галочка
Online payments connection      зеленая галочка
Photo gallery      зеленая галочка
Smart search retrieval      зеленая галочка
Multiple currencies      зеленая галочка
Recalculation of prices according to the domestic currency exchange rate      зеленая галочка
Adaptive layout      
Number of available products up to 20,000 up to 20,000 up to 20,000
Support Three months for free Three months for free Three months for free

Stages of Online Store Development on OpenCart

1. Preparatory stage: study and analysis of the customer's business needs

In order to create an efficiently operating online store, at the initial stage, it is necessary to study all the processes and features of the future online store in detail. After studying the details of the project, we will offer the best solutions for your business.

2. Signing the Contract and the Terms of Reference

An integral part of creating an online store is signing the Contract and drafting the terms of reference. The Contract sets all the obligations and rights of the parties involved as well as the cost and deadlines. The TR outline specifications, requirements to the website and the list of modules and services which need to be implemented.

The actual start of works is after the approval of the TR, and a customer making an advance payment under the Contract.

3. Web Design Development

Design development starts with layout design where elements are schematically shown, based on the TR and a brief filled out by the customer.

After the developed flowcharts approval, the creation of graphic design of the main web pages (home page, directory, product card, shopping cart and checkout page) begins. After the design approval, if necessary, all missing graphic elements of the website are completed.

The next step is html-layout of templates and further programming.

4. Programming

Working on the programming part begins with studying the TR and layout design.

Each project has a team of programmers who create and allocate the list of tasks, prioritising their fulfilment.

The first stage of the software component development is the OpenCart core installation, database setup and back end configuration (setting up currencies, languages, module binding, setting up the menu, the admin panel etc).

After the basic template layout and the customisation of various settings of the categories and products, the customer can create a product category tree and add content to the store.

5. Adding Content

The process of an online store catalogue filling can be performed in different ways, according to the Contract and the Terms of Reference.

Data import is carried out individually, depending on the accounting system of the customer. First of all, import and formatting of the category tree of the product catalogue are performed. Then, the products are imported directly. In addition to the products, data on their price, availability, description, and various parameters and features of the products are imported.

Static pages of such sections as “About the Store”, “Contact Information”, “"Questions and Answers” etc. as well as dynamic sections such as “News”, “Articles” etc. are filled by the customer, unless adding content is assigned to the contractor.

6. Testing

The final stage of the online store development is its testing. During testing, a functional check of the store is performed — registration, login, buying products and other modules.

Upon the completion of testing and elimination of the identified defects, the output is a finished working online store, which will meet the needs of potential customers and yours as a store owner.

The final stage in our cooperation is the customer's payment for the work performed and the access rights provision to manage the online store by the contractor.

Which Engine? Or CMS Choice for Creating an Online Store

выбор CMS для создания интернет-магазина

Nowadays, the use of various CMS platforms is offered for an online store creation. The most popular among them are PrestaShop, OSCommerce, Joomshop, VirtueMart, OpenCart, UberCart (Drupal), PHPShop, MODx+Shopkeeper, WordPress+Woocommerce, and many others.

Our web studio has developed stores using different engines. Each of them has its pros and cons. Yet, having analysed the engines, we have decided on OpenCart. We have been successfully developing such websites for over 6 years.

Why do we prefer to create an online store on OpenCart platform?

OpenCart is a powerful system of doing business online that combines simplicity and functionality at the same time. This system is especially practical for the customer.

Firstly, it is a convenient content management system which any employee of the company can easily manage (fill / edit / delete information on the website).

Secondly, if you have a need to extend the website's functionality in the future, there will be no problem. OpenCart has the possibility of adding extra modules without disrupting the work of the existing website.

Thirdly, an online store on OpenCart platform can be easily optimised for search systems, which is a huge advantage for website promotion.

Fourthly, there is multilanguage and multicurrency. OpenCart supports any currency and conversion between them. Also, all the website content can be presented in any language desired by the customer.

The website's functionality is not limited in scope. In an online store, either standard modules can be connected, or unique solutions can be developed.

We can offer you an online store development and creation that will meet your goals and requests. In particular, it will have the following characteristics:

  • high-quality, convenient, contemporary design
  • a simple navigation system
  • meet the demands of potential customers
  • meet the current programming standards
  • meet the requirements of search systems
  • have a convenient admin panel,/li>

it is a powerful system of doing business online that combines simplicity and functionality at the same time.

Brief Description of OpenCart

  • Convenient and simple website navigation, clear to any visitor.
  • Open programme code
  • Plenty of additional modules
  • Fast loading pages
  • Easy content management system: compared to other CMSes, OpenCart is a fairly simple system.
  • Product page: the admin panel of the website has all the possibilities for adding the main mega tags to product pages.
  • Unlimited number of categories, products and producers.
  • The possibility to output the module of featured and new products in a separate block on the main page as well as many other additional features.

SEO and OpenCart

An online store on OpenCart platform can be optimised for search systems without much difficulty, which reduces the time for its indexing, which means your website can be quickly promoted to the TOP.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in any convenient way.

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