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Option #1 Option #2 Option #3 Option #4
Standard Display Network Remarketing Google Shopping Dynamic Google remarketing Facebook dynamic product remarketing
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Remarketing is a mechanism for showing ads to people who visited your website previously.

Possible remarketing objectives:

  • Boosting brand recognition
  • Raising product sales
  • Directing users back to your website
  • Boosting application downloads
  • Making a call
  • Interaction with content

How does it work?


Suppose a person comes to your website searching for his dream phone, browses your catalogue, learns the details, visits other websites to compare, but suddenly realizes that the salary is due only in a week and postpones the purchase. A week later this fellow will have many other needs and put the purchase on the backburner. But this is not going to happen if your website is set up for dynamic remarketing!
If you searched for something on Rozetka, you are guaranteed to have seen an advertisement that keeps stalking you after you leave the seller website. This is what the product remarketing looks like.

The main objectives of remarketing:

  • To raise the conversion rate of your website. Through remarketing, it can be boosted by driving customers to your website repeatedly.
  • To increase brand recognition. Advertising is broadcast on hundreds of popular websites, which makes advertiser look respectable.

What type of remarketing is best for you?

Option #1. Standard Display Network Remarketing

Advertisements on the Display Network (DN), which will be displayed to users who have visited your website. It may be your website’s advertising in general, a promotional offer, or seasonal discounts that will attract customers to your website.

Note: the DN is a Display Network—a huge network of platforms that includes a variety of websites, forums, informational platforms and all kinds of websites, where Google can host your ads. With Display Network remarketing, you can show ads to a specific audience of your website on all/or specific platforms.


Option #2. Remarketing lists for search ads or Google Shopping Ads on

Product-centred advertisements that appear in Google Search. They include the name of the product, its image, the seller’s name and, most importantly, its current price. This type of remarketing is also called Google Shopping Ads. It doesn’t work in Ukraine as of now though.

Option #3. Dynamic remarketing

The same as in the DN Remarketing, but more targeted. It will remind visitors of your website that left it for some reason about the products and services they were interested in. What is the advantage of dynamic remarketing? The customer is shown specific products and their actual price tag. Statistically, this type of remarketing is the most effective.

Option #4. Facebook remarketing

Remarketing in the Facebook network. It will remind the Facebook users that visited your website about the products and services they looked for.


The most commonly-used remarketing systems

Google AdWords and Facebook provide maximum opportunities for remarketing. It can also be configured in Google Analytics.



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