Main mistakes when creating websites

Website is not just a modern attribute and the face of the company. It is the powerful tool, which increases the income of your company in many different ways. Taking into account the high demand for IT services, many web-studios appeared, among which there are a lot of novice employees or just careless executors, who make a number of mistakes when creating a website.

SITEPARK web studio professionals decided to make the selection of the most common mistakes made in creating a website, in order to protect you from the cooperation with careless companies.

Main mistakes when creating websites

Thus, the following is list of the main mistakes in creating the websites may contain the following:

Wrong design. Often the inexperienced companies come up to the development process without due diligence or on the hop, which results in the fact that design of the website decreases the readability of the content or even interferes its reading. Sometimes the colour scale is so acid and eye-hurt, that the customer can`t help but leave the webpage in less than 30 seconds. What else to say about cases, when the respected company gets the design of its website like that of a gaming portals (and this is what happens very often, because many work with the templates).

Ignoring the terms of reference. This clause is often neglected both by novices and experienced companies. However, this should not be done at all! Besides the fact that the terms of reference significantly help to shorten the work schedule and budget of the project, it is also the document, which will help you to follow the process of the website creation and adherence to all of the stages. Experience has shown that the creation of the terms of reference helps to implement your expectation in the most accurate way.

Complicated navigation or the lack of navigation. There is nothing to explain here; if the customer feels uncomfortable on the website or cannot get how to reach the needed page, he will not stay on the website for long.

Poor quality pictures, images. A lot of companies leave these components to the last minute and when deadline is coming, everything is prepared in a hurry. As a result, you get the website of low quality, which definitely will not lend credibility to your prospective customers.

Text layout. This problem is rather widespread, and which is more important, it quickly becomes obvious to the customers and really irritates. You should agree that no one would wish to read the plenty of text without even any paragraphs.

No mobile version. In the times when there are a lot of various gadgets around, which catch up to personal computers in terms of performance, it is unacceptable to have no mobile version of the website.

Trying to make the website by yourself. Website creation is a very complicated process, which engages 4-5 qualified professionals. As a rule, such an idea only takes time. As a result, you will still come to the conclusion, that making the website by yourself is a bad idea. It is better to do your best in the field you are the professional in.

Main mistakes when creating websites

The ways to avoid the aforementioned problems:

  • Always check reviews about the company, study the portfolio with the samples of the fulfilled works;
  • If the company does not prepare the terms of reference, you should think about the competence of the company;
  • Set the tasks based on the available budget;
  • At the very beginning, clarify the number of people engaged in the project. The team should consist of 4-5 people, including the project manager;
  • Modern websites are developed using CMS;
  • Respected web studios offer the complex approach, including the website promotion and support;
  • And one more piece of advice: Pay attention to operating websites and web studio`s projects, not to the attractive pictures of their works.

We believe this article will help you to get the high quality website and avoid cooperation with careless executors, because the modern business development is closely connected to Internet!